Damian Marley- Set Up Shop

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I find myself oddly addicted to this song. I before a few days ago i had never listened to the words, but i find that this song highlights such a pertinent issue in society. Plus the rhythm is just so infectious!


Soca Fever

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Anytime I hear soca music its like a fuse is lit within my body and I have the overpowering urge to move!Bacchanal season is here for us Caribbean folk and I am most definitely a baccanalist!

When going through the pictures of Bacchanal Fridays and carnivals of past however I have to wonder if some of these people have plans for professional futures. The dance moves, the positions, the behavior. I mean, its ok to dance and have fun but is it really in your best interest to be seen photographed up in the air with your legs wrapped around God knows who, or better yet on the top of your head feet it the air all the strings that makes you up out for show?

I know this young lady and she’s in law school and ohhh dear the pictures I saw of her should be rated XXX. I’m not sure how they think on that side of campus but should aspiring lawyers be portrayed in that light? Is that not harmful to their reputation?