The Norm is Not Always True

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People have a tendency to think that an organization’s performance externally is based on its internal communicative processes. This isn’t always true though, in face I recently proved in while conducting a communication audit for a course I’m doing.

Internally, the executive members were doing an ok job of communicating with their external publics.  They made almost every attempt possible to contact the general public, even face to face confrontation. The general public however were just not interested. We could not understand this fact. Our research showed us however that they were interested in other activities. Many of them had other organisations that they gave predominant t attention to.
This is not a communication issue of the company, I guess it has to do with the lack of interest that the target audience has.


Tweeting Intern

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A compulsory aspect of my degree is the completion of an internship. I was slightly petrified about this because when you watch TV, all the companies have the interns do is fetch coffee and do other ridiculous job not exactly contributing to the development of their skill.
I however have been sent a description of my duties as an intern at the organization. I must admit I was doing internal somersault (God knows I cannot do a physical one).Image

My job as an intern is solely based on social media. Apparently this particular organization is concerned about their appearance in the social marketing spears and so they have opted to take on an intern to increase their twitter, Facebook and instagram following as well as their Youtube channels.
I think a lot of companies and organizations are beginning to utilize the social media spear as a PR tool. In this 2013 almost everybody is liking on Facebook and re tweeting on twitter. Its just so amazing that social channels can be utilized for business purposes.

Here is a list of my internship objectives

v  To increase the fan-base on Twitter, Facebook to at least 500 targeting primarily (Org) potential and future partners, private sector companies across the Caribbean, media and NGOs and to increase the number of views and subscribers for the (Org) Caribbean You-tube channel.

v  To develop a fan-base using a variety but no less than three additional social media platforms: Google plus, Instagram and, Wickpedia by August 2013

v  To introduce (Org) as a social influencer on current and relevant information on sexual and reproductive health including adolescent sexual and reproductive health and build (Org) Klout rating.

v  To attract influencers with a Klout rating of 50 or more to follow the (Org)

v  To increase the knowledge base of adolescents and youth (ages 14-24) on reproductive health information

French Coffee and Cigarettes Anyone?

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I absolutely detest taking the little taxis to and from Papine. Just the other day though, I had a most interesting conversation with the most unlikeliest of persons.

There I was sitting in this taxi my head phones plugged in and the volume on my ipod turned all the way up, (unfortunately only one speaker was working so my attempts to ignore anybody who tried to talk to me were pointless).

Right, I was sitting there when this lady scooted over right next to me. Now, this lady was wearing a dress that had all the flowers ever created patterned on it, she was wearing combat boots, the huge ones, her blond hair was pinned all about her Caucasian head and she smelled of coffee (partly because she had a cup of coffee in her hand) and cigarettes. She was also carrying a Bob Marley bag-pack. I’m not sure how to appropriately describe my initial thoughts of her.

As the car drove down hope road we passed a group of workers fixing parts of the roads. That’s when she started to speak. She had a french accent but her English was so flawless. She engaged me in a wonderful conversation of road works and the believed bias of the government. She talked about the surface of the road in Mona vs that on Constant Spring and all walks of Jamaican geography. It was clear that this woman was intelligently well read. Of course that shocked me out of my witts because I expected a southern drawl or a ridiculous imitation of Jamaican creole.

I was pleasantly surprised and this meeting reassured the age old saying. “Never judge a book by its cover”

No Response????

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Its sometimes so frustrating when you send a message to someone and they ignore it. Especially when you’re being so passionate about your emotions.
I happen to get that a lot. Recently though, I had a falling out with a friend of mine, or a person I perceived to be my friend. Turns out she was a no gooder. Anyhow, its sometimes so funny how some things reveal themselves.
We had an assignment for a course we’re both taking. I was absent that day but there was an assignment and she didn’t tell me about it. Now I know that its my responsibility to check in on my assignments and such but hello….what are friends for?! I would have told my friend about something that happened when they were absent from class. Then, like rubbing salt in a fresh wound she ignored the very angry message I sent her after realizing she was ignoring my other messages. It frustrated me because I don’t know if my words cut her like I had intended for them to. I don’t know if she understood just how disappointed I was at the lack of debt of out friendship. Maybe I should send another message detailing all of these facts but chances are she wouldn’t respond to that either. Gosh darn it! I know she’s not dead, I see her posting new statuses, perhaps I should just attack her in person when she can’t possibly ignore me because clearly these messages are NOT working


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Testing… Testing. How to do this  now. this whole concept of blogging is new to me. I’m a pen and paper kind of person. i do however love to write. it’s one of my passions in life. I find that my love has been abandoned since i started University and i welcome the challenge this new course is offering me to restart

Organisational communication though… is it about companies and what gos on within them. Not so sure but for my first class i had to sit back to back with this girl and draw! Remember what i said about being a pen and paper person, it only applies when i’m forming letters, not images. i can draw stick people though. nothing else. Image

So for this activity we sat back to back and she had an image in front of her and her duty was to describe the image to me and my duty was to draw what she said. The end game of this challenge was to see  how effectively she communicated to me via the similarities in the drawing and the image You can imagine that my scribbling were not very artistic but the concept was there and i actually did a good job (clicks heels). Of course this is 100% due to the fact that she was an awesome partner, very detailed in her instructions and patient in making sure i understood what she was saying before i performed my task. That right there was the lesson. was one of the lessons, (there were several) it’s important that you know the process of communication and effective communication does not take place if the message is not understood.

So now i have been tasked with the challenge of blogging for my grade (kind of awesome if you ask me). Watch me …or better yet read me go. Teehee!