Of Late I Think of You

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I wrote a poem today-
Quite short and sweet,
A poem of resentment, mistrust and deceit
A poem of betrayal, long standing and new,
Funny how as I wrote, I thought about you.

I wrote a poem today-
As I wrote it I smiled,
I smiled as I thought about the innocence of a child.
Naïve and over trusting, forgiving and true,
I smiled as I thought about my openness with you

I wrote a poem today-
And thought of your lips,
Attractive and inviting, beckoning for my kiss,
Your lips of disloyalty neglect and lies,
How easily you betrayed me, while gazing into my eyes.

I wrote a poem today-
And my heart it did break,
How foolishly we revisit our long forgotten mistakes.


Stock Exchange Rambling

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Recently, for a course I’m taking, there was a “field trip” to the Jamaica Stock Exchange .I actually didn’t go on the trip to the Stock Exchange because well….it just didn’t seem like an interesting field trip. Apart from the fact that I probably would have been sleep walking through the tour (if that’s what it was) I really didn’t understand the operations behind the “Stock Exchange.” What is it? How does it work how is it related to Entrepreneurship?

The stock exchange is basically a market through which company stocks (or shares if you will) are bought and sold.

So how the stock exchange works is, when a company makes shares available to be purchased they are called stocks. When a person buys said stocks, they become ‘owners’ of the company. In short basically. And as the company grows, the more valuable the share becomes.

It kind of boggles my mind as to the correlation between entrepreneurship and the stock exchange. I couldn’t find any articles online which explained this (none I understood anyway).

I did however find that there are good and bad times to purchase stocks. Apparently, 2008 was the best time to purchase shares in companies because that was the crash of the stock market and shares were going for a reduced cost. Depending on how well the company is doing, the more persons will be interested in buying shares; this clearly will result in shares going for high prices. The reverse I also true and when the number of persons interested in buying decreases and the sellers increase, the prices decline.

So now, if I buy shares in an organization, will I then get paid…? I mean, I do own a piece of this company now! Actually that is not the case, not always anyway. Some companies keep the profits to facilitate future growth while others will actually give you dividend  (the profits per share).

There… I’m not so sure what I missed by not going to this ‘field trip’ but now I actually understand what the Stock Exchange is all about.

Sereta Thompson

Mission Statement

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So while brain storming and trying to come up with the elements required for the business plan. I came up the brilliant of turning myself into a business (No funny business…)

Its interesting, we all have dynamic talents and sadly these talents are wasted when we join organizations owned and operated by “the big man” I actually think these talents are lost when we create our own businesses as we have to think of fields unsaturated and all that jazz.

Oopse (I side tracked)

So while thinking of my offerings to this great big world, I came up with my vision. And from that I scribbled a mission statement. (Which is what it is in its humblest form) “kill people, burn shit fuck school.” Ok so I’m just kidding but wouldn’t that be interesting. Not very customer friendly though. I found I was having a real hard time coming up with a mission statement so, I went and researched some.

These are the top few that I found very inspiring.

  1. Mahatma Gandhi

‘Let the first act of every morning be to make the following resolve for the day:

I shall not fear anyone on earth, I shall fear only God, I shall not bear ill toward anyone, I shall not submit to injustice from anyone, I shall conquer untruth by truth and in resisting untruth, I shall put up with all suffering’

  1. Denise Morrison, CEO  of Campbell Soup Company

“To serve as a leader, live a balanced life, and apply ethical principles to make a significant difference.”

  1. Oprah Winfrey, Founder of OWN, The Oprah Winfrey Network

“To be a teacher. And to be known for inspiring my students to be more than they thought they could be.”

  1. Sir Richard Branson, Founder of The Virgin Group

“To have fun in [my] journey through life and learn from [my] mistakes.”

The most inspiring of these I found to be that of Mahatma Gandhi because not only does it reflect his personal objectives for himself, his personal mission also has a personal offering to the greater world. How inspiring.

So I will consider these 4 inspiring mission statements as I brainstorm and try to formulate that of my own.

Sereta Thompson

Passion in the Face of Adversity

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Among the many traits that an entrepreneur is thought to have, passion is probably the most important. A passion for self-growth is pertinent for the growth of any business.

Delroy Bowla (Mr. Bowla to me) is an entrepreneur in the true sense. His passion & determination are the driving forces behind his business. Born to humble beginnings, he grew up in the communities along Spanish Town Road and was not educated past the primary level. Notwithstanding this circumstance, he went to work as a store clerk/sales person, gaining experience which would become so valuable to his future development.

Now the owner and operator of Bowla’s Dry Goods located on Hagley Park Road, Mr. Bowla states that his idea to venture into the business of entrepreneurship was introduced to him by a very close friend. It is an avenue he explored as he was looking for “greener pastures” and an alternative route which would allow him to better provide for his family.

During the initial stages of his business, he did not have a stationary store and operated mostly as a mobile unit. His trade was focused on the sale of children’s items such as clothing and under garments which were imported from Panama; however, with the presence of Chinese manufacturing and the competitive prices which this offered, he began to face challenges which affected his business adversely.

The most significant challenge he faced during the establishment of his business was that of getting financial support. He started with the little he had and invested his earning and from that he was able to see small profits. Over the years, Mr. Bowla developed the practice of using credit cards to purchase merchandise from his international suppliers.

Thirty years after establishment however, Mr. Bowla is still faced with a few struggles. The current devaluation in the Jamaican dollar has had major effects on his daily operations. He has, in the past had to significantly discount his prices and has in severe cases been forced to liquidate some assets. On some days, he is hesitant to consider the future of his business and even has thoughts of closing his doors. Nevertheless, the love he has for what he does keeps him going and offers him reassurance on those dark days.

His advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is as honest as it is true. He urges them to consider the type of business that they would be venturing into. A business in sales would struggle to stay afloat as the possession of disposable income has depreciated due to the continued decline of Jamaican dollar. He is however confident in the creativity of the youth to establish business ideas that will thrive. He urges them to establish businesses in fields that are unsaturated and unique. He also advises that experience is vital as it offers the wisdom and knowledge that will be needed for the success of your own business.

Despite the struggles he faced during establishment and to this day, he is driven by his dedication and overall love for his job. Matched with his passion, his hard work is equally admirable and contributes to his overall excellent entrepreneurial characteristics.

Sereta Thompson 

Damian Marley- Set Up Shop

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I find myself oddly addicted to this song. I before a few days ago i had never listened to the words, but i find that this song highlights such a pertinent issue in society. Plus the rhythm is just so infectious!

Entrepreneurial Qualities in a Movie: “Catch Me if You Can”

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In political economics, entrepreneurship is a process of identifying and starting a business venture, sourcing and organizing the required resources and taking both the risks and rewards associated with the venture. Frank William Abagnale Jr. can be considered an entrepreneur because he did all of these things. In short, he wanted to make money and at first, his method of doing so was creating counterfeit cheques. This required certain material which he sourced for himself. He managed to acquire a typewriter and special paper to print the cheques, all before he reached seventeen years old. In an attempt to grow his ‘business’ i.e. make more money from his cheques, he created various characters. He identified characters, which would not get trouble cashing checks at the bank. Frank Taylor, Frank Collins etc. He was a pilot, a doctor and a lawyer.  The ultimate rick in his business was going to jail, and he accepted this risk and avoided it for three years, during which time he manages\d to perform cons and steal over 2.8 million dollars.

There are various characteristics of an entrepreneur which Franks identifies with.

  1. He did what he enjoyed to do. When he impersonated a pilot he got the opportunity to fly for free. He was ‘free’ as he told his father in one scene in the movie.
  2. Frank took what he did seriously. He was making money based on the fictitious characters which he was presuming to be. Each character that he took on, he committed to 100%. He invested his Pan American uniform, he invested in the supplies to fabricate a medical license and a medical degree and he watched programs which he believed equipped him with knowledge needed to actually become these persons. That sort of commitment proves that he took what he was doing seriously
  3. He was dedicated to his schemes; he invested time to research the characters he wanted to become. For example, he pretended to be a high school reporter when he wanted to get inside information on the workings of an airline pilot and such.  He also
  4. In the end of the movie, after he is imprisoned, Frank actually makes a business from his knowledge of counterfeit cheques. He is able to negotiate and join the FBI team in the fraud squad department instead of serving 12 years in prison. This is how he now accumulates clients because of his expertise in the ‘business’ he created.

In a diagram provide by Forbes and titled “Phrenology of The Entrepreneur”, the characteristics of the brain are shown. There are characteristics such as worth ethic, self-esteem, trust but the significantly noticeable area which is the largest area is labeled “Ability to create own reality”. It is safe to say that Frank was excellent at creating his own reality. There was one point, when he read an article about himself where he was referred to as the James Bond of the skies. He then went to watch a James Bond movie and decided he wanted to become such a charter. He bought suits and a fancy sports car much like those possessed by the character of James Bond. His ability to live the lives as these fictitious characters in order to substantiate his cons proves that he is actually able to live outside the norm or reality. This is a dominant trait in entrepreneurs as often times they develop ornate idea which may under normal circumstances cannot possible work, however, with their way of thinking, they make things happen.

Sereta Thompson