Beyond the Literal

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When you look at me, what exactly is it that you see?
 Look closely! Pass the smile and composed demeanor,
 Look within my eyes.
 Look past the outward beauty and you’ll find deep, inner sadness. 
 Hurt feelings and hidden emotions.
 Un shed tears burning to the core like flames engulfing parchment paper.
 Can you see the shattered soul, 
 The battered heart?
 Do you sense the insecurities?
 Feel the painful truth behind my silence?
 You wonder why I don’t speak, 
 Often I don’t know what to say
 Often there is a hovering fear that my thoughts, if voiced will be rejected. 
 My opinions frowned upon and my entire self being judged.

Sereta A. Thompson (2011)


Bitter Version of The Truth

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Whilst stumbling across my myriads of poems from yesteryear, i came across this. Its probably not the best i’ve written but it did bring back thoughts and emotions i thought i had forgotten. The universe is playing tricks on me again!

You say one thing
Yet you mean another
You try to be up front
While hiding beneath a cover

Why are you so selfish?
And why so ignorant?
What exactly does love mean to you
Or should I say, meant?

I’ve never known someone so fake
Someone who can’t speak the truth
Someone so terribly insecure
Someone so cruel, someone like you.

Why did you have to be like this
You started off quite fine,
You would always say how much you care
I guess that was just another “line”.

I just sit around and remember
How much I used to enjoy your name
And how I so dearly loved
To play your little game.

But now finally I know
That you aren’t at all what I thought
And its a damn shame too,
Because I really liked you….a lot

Sereta A, Thompson (2011)

I remember when i wrote that, I was going through lets call it a ‘phase’ where i though i was in love with everybody and they had no right to not love me back. I do believe that year was a turning point in my life as the eighteenth year usually is though i was actually turning nineteen that year (mind scramble)

Anyway, it was the year i rebelled against my father, the year i started University and the year of my very first heartbreak…or was that 2010???

The tittle is strange, i just remembered i wrote another poem “The Truth” which was quite lulling… i guess i had to do a followup.

That was that.

Lets Play

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I played a game some time ago called Atoms. It was just a crazy group of people running around while our lecturer yelled numbers. It was crazy fun. But of course there was a lesson. I think all games teach lessons. As our lecturer randomly stated numbers we became aware of how similar it is to actual organizational practices. A company will quickly snatch you up when they have a project which requires your skills and just as quickly let you go when your services are no longer required. It also taught us the lesson of competitiveness. Person fighting each other in order to fit in a group and not eliminated….is that not exactly what happens in organizations…  I do believe so!

We also did the leaning tower of pizza. This was a game of building a huge tower with only straws and the group with the longest tower won pizza. Good fun. Unfortunately, nature in the form of that retched force Gravity was against us that morning and my group did not get to indulge in pizza. It was crazy fun though, also an “educational” game it taught us the stages of forming a group.


We skipped a few steps….i can’t remember if there was any stratified forming, up to this day I don’t know some of their names ( I’ve never been great in that department) We sort of just stormed and performed,. We didn’t win nut I think we had the most fun.


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I’d like to take the time to warn against the overly personal posts on ALL social media networks. I just filled out an application for an internship at Invisible Children in California, and they asked for my Facebook  twitter and blog links.

So many persons are using these channels as a means of venting and lord knows there are some very angry persons in the world, others take it as a channel for showing the world just how far their tongues can be extend from their mouth and so on and so forth.

I’m not so certain if they know that their prospective employers will be ogling these profiles to get a feel of what kind of people they’re bringing into their organizations.  So #@$! Won’t work people! Find more vocabulary oriented ways of expressing your anger and stop posting trash.

But….I also must say that not posting is just as bad. Dormant accounts are completely unattractive. It totally defeats the purpose of their snooping. Come on! You’ve gotta give then something to work with. Not too much though but just enough.

All The Right Friends in All the Right Places

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The semester is coming to an end (a couple of weeks are left) and the phantom of internship is hanging above our heads. We were asked to check with our ‘links’ to see if their organizations would be willing to take on interns. BIG problem. I don’t know anybody! Hello!!!! How does one even associate themselves with persons in high places? I’m just an ordinary pleb, all my friends are plebs along with me, in fact, you could say I’m the celebrity of the group (just joking)
So, there I was stressing about not knowing anyone when this  guy in my class just jumped up out of the blue asking if anybody wanted to go to Digicel. He then proceeded to make a phone call, handed the phone to my lecturer who after the call informed us that Digicel would be taking 10 interns. Like…what just happened? He has Digicel management on speed dial! Sign me up for whatever parties and functions he’s going to!

Soca Fever

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Anytime I hear soca music its like a fuse is lit within my body and I have the overpowering urge to move!Bacchanal season is here for us Caribbean folk and I am most definitely a baccanalist!

When going through the pictures of Bacchanal Fridays and carnivals of past however I have to wonder if some of these people have plans for professional futures. The dance moves, the positions, the behavior. I mean, its ok to dance and have fun but is it really in your best interest to be seen photographed up in the air with your legs wrapped around God knows who, or better yet on the top of your head feet it the air all the strings that makes you up out for show?

I know this young lady and she’s in law school and ohhh dear the pictures I saw of her should be rated XXX. I’m not sure how they think on that side of campus but should aspiring lawyers be portrayed in that light? Is that not harmful to their reputation?

The Norm is Not Always True

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People have a tendency to think that an organization’s performance externally is based on its internal communicative processes. This isn’t always true though, in face I recently proved in while conducting a communication audit for a course I’m doing.

Internally, the executive members were doing an ok job of communicating with their external publics.  They made almost every attempt possible to contact the general public, even face to face confrontation. The general public however were just not interested. We could not understand this fact. Our research showed us however that they were interested in other activities. Many of them had other organisations that they gave predominant t attention to.
This is not a communication issue of the company, I guess it has to do with the lack of interest that the target audience has.