Of Late I Think of You

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I wrote a poem today-
Quite short and sweet,
A poem of resentment, mistrust and deceit
A poem of betrayal, long standing and new,
Funny how as I wrote, I thought about you.

I wrote a poem today-
As I wrote it I smiled,
I smiled as I thought about the innocence of a child.
Naïve and over trusting, forgiving and true,
I smiled as I thought about my openness with you

I wrote a poem today-
And thought of your lips,
Attractive and inviting, beckoning for my kiss,
Your lips of disloyalty neglect and lies,
How easily you betrayed me, while gazing into my eyes.

I wrote a poem today-
And my heart it did break,
How foolishly we revisit our long forgotten mistakes.


Kiss Me

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I want you to kiss me,

For one brief moment

I want you to put your lips to mine.

I want you to kiss me,

Until I’m out of breath

and I’ve lost myself in time.

I want to feel you lips,

Caressing gently on my skin,

Cooling the rigorous flame that blazes now within.

I want you to kiss me,

Slowly with no real rush.

I want to the remember your lips

and every part of me they touched.




March 2015


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The silence here is mind shatteringly deafening
Where are the voices in my head?
Deserted I stand, haunted by nothing but nothingness.
I look up at the house.
That house which once held my hopes and fostered my dreams.
The air of gloom that hangs there now is potent to my lungs
What perils awaits me?
A broken relationship between a father and his child.
Duplicate personalities, generations apart.
Crude, uncaring, unapologetic eyes stare down at me from the maleficent tower which was once my home
i meet that stare with one of my own.
Cold, and indifferent
Oh how time has molded me to be the exact replica of him.
The gloom creeps up on me again,
Turning now into an air of bitterness
The mad man that lives within me has begun to stir
He spews Thunderous rapids of resentment
They erupt within my head and for a brief moment I miss the deafening silence
I quiet him down
Today is not the day for a clash of the personalities,
Today I bury all thoughts of abandonment and feelings of hatred
Today I end the me that was.

Sereta Thompson
January 2014


The Haunting

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When the night is dark and the world has gone to sleep.
When the moon shines down and caresses the moment with its nocturnal beauty.
When he birds have ceased their song and the crickets begin their orchestration…
I lay awake and think of you
As the sun emerges from beyond the horizon,
The morning dew sprinkles down on the flowers and trees,
As the birds flex their wings and tweet their salutes
I lay awake with thoughts of you
With the pitter of the raindrops that saturate the earth,
The ebb and flow of the ocean that kisses the coastline, .
As the flowers bloom in and out of season…..
The iceberg melts,
The levees break
I’m constantly plagued with thoughts of you.

Sereta A. Thompson


Beyond the Literal

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When you look at me, what exactly is it that you see?
 Look closely! Pass the smile and composed demeanor,
 Look within my eyes.
 Look past the outward beauty and you’ll find deep, inner sadness. 
 Hurt feelings and hidden emotions.
 Un shed tears burning to the core like flames engulfing parchment paper.
 Can you see the shattered soul, 
 The battered heart?
 Do you sense the insecurities?
 Feel the painful truth behind my silence?
 You wonder why I don’t speak, 
 Often I don’t know what to say
 Often there is a hovering fear that my thoughts, if voiced will be rejected. 
 My opinions frowned upon and my entire self being judged.

Sereta A. Thompson (2011)

Bitter Version of The Truth

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Whilst stumbling across my myriads of poems from yesteryear, i came across this. Its probably not the best i’ve written but it did bring back thoughts and emotions i thought i had forgotten. The universe is playing tricks on me again!

You say one thing
Yet you mean another
You try to be up front
While hiding beneath a cover

Why are you so selfish?
And why so ignorant?
What exactly does love mean to you
Or should I say, meant?

I’ve never known someone so fake
Someone who can’t speak the truth
Someone so terribly insecure
Someone so cruel, someone like you.

Why did you have to be like this
You started off quite fine,
You would always say how much you care
I guess that was just another “line”.

I just sit around and remember
How much I used to enjoy your name
And how I so dearly loved
To play your little game.

But now finally I know
That you aren’t at all what I thought
And its a damn shame too,
Because I really liked you….a lot

Sereta A, Thompson (2011)

I remember when i wrote that, I was going through lets call it a ‘phase’ where i though i was in love with everybody and they had no right to not love me back. I do believe that year was a turning point in my life as the eighteenth year usually is though i was actually turning nineteen that year (mind scramble)

Anyway, it was the year i rebelled against my father, the year i started University and the year of my very first heartbreak…or was that 2010???

The tittle is strange, i just remembered i wrote another poem “The Truth” which was quite lulling… i guess i had to do a followup.

That was that.

Deep Within

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I know that I cannot have you
Yet I yearn for you with the greatest part of me.
A tender yearning that is neither sexual nor intimate,
But rather touches emotions stemming from a dept of my soul I didn’t know existed.
I yearn for your voice,
For your smile.
I yearn for your heart.
I long for the day when our two worlds will become such where it is ok for you to love me.
I yearn for your love.
I yearn for your lips;
Caressing me with words so comforting and  tender.
I yearn for your words,
Original thoughts that introduce me to your spirit.
(To be continued…)
– Sereta A. Thompson
Jan. 2014